We process sliced veneers of all types of wood from around the world (Europe, America, Africa etc.) with a thickness ranging between 0.6 mm and 3 mm.
We have been using glue to bond our sliced veneers for several years now.


Thanks to our new pressing line, we are now able to meet all customer needs in terms of both sizes and gluing: we can use both urea and vinyl glue, and we can also colour the glue for special applications.


Our new sanding line, with the latest innovations for panel finishing, was commissioned in 2017.
A new automatic strapping line was installed at the same time.



With our flexibility, we are able to serve a wide range of customers in the industry, from small craftsman to large furniture factories


We regularly manufacture panels for customers that specialise in this type of order


We serve panel warehouses across Italy

Why choose Nuova Complat

Nuova Complat has been in the industry since 1968. This year – in 2018 – we are celebrating our 50th anniversary

Nuova Complat’s philosophy has always been based on flexibility and product quality. Our quality management system is TUV-certified and we work with expert partners who constantly visit our suppliers all over the world to check the quality of our raw materials (sliced veneers and panels)

Nuova Complat has always had a focus on innovation in every phase of the order management and production process. We constantly keep up to date to have the most efficient tools possible to improve our work and to better meet the needs of our customers

Nuova Complat allocates a budget for technological innovation every year. Our sanding and automatic strapping line was completely renovated in 2017. A new cutter was purchased in 2018 to be able to use 3-mm thick sliced veneers in our production process. In addition, with “Industry 4.0” we are making our whole ordering process digital from receipt to shipment, to guarantee complete traceability of our products.